Eli Andrew Spath

We sought out Dr. Majdi after our 2.5 year old son had significant nasal and respiratory congestion issues that made sleeping and breathing difficult. During our consultation, Dr. Majdi provided a clear description of Eli's situation (enlarged adenoids and tonsils and trapped fluid in the ear) and our options for treating these issues. It was clear that remedying the issue would require an operation to remove the adenoids and tonsils and to insert ear tubes. Dr. Majdi was very accommodating, scheduling us quickly as we needed to travel soon. The operation went smoothly and the care of Dr. Majdi and the staff at Istiklal Hospital was attentive and efficient. We were involved in each step of the process, always feeling informed about the preparation, operation, and recovery. In the days that followed the operation - Dr. Majdi was in daily contact with us to check on the recovery progress of our son. In short, our experience with Dr. Majdi and his staff was excellent and above our expectations. Andrew Spath( Father of Eli ) New Jersy - USA
Eli Andrew Spath
New Jersy

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